About Us

Indulging in a good cup of hot chocolate has always been an enjoyable experience for my family.  However, the desire to find a GREAT hot chocolate, that was not only rich and creamy in taste, but had a personality to boot, started this passion project and a subsequent challenge that has turned into a good ol' fashion family venture.

The result?  A delightful beverage and a clever brand in Beshaler Hot Chocolate that is inspired by the 90’s, comedy; and, most importantly, the warmth and relaxation that comes from sipping hot chocolate.   

About the Name

Beshaler is my maiden name, which several of my family members started pronouncing differently several years after I got married.  So, as a "pound sand" gesture (in the most loving way), I named my company Beshaler so it could be pronounced the way that is most near and dear to my heart.  It's BEESH-ler!

 About “Sheeshler” (if you should want to spend the time to read the back of the packages)

As the story goes, my dad got a bit schnockered one night in college when he was first starting to chat up my mom.  As he yelled up to her second-story window, he announced himself as Sheeshler.  With total disregard, his “invite” to get together was declined (that night, anyway!)


I truly hope you enjoy this hot chocolate as much as my family and I do.