Tighty Whities

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Just like the snap of an elastic waistband, this flavor should get your attention! 

Our white chocolate is just as creamy as our other flavors and is a perfect mix of full rich taste that isn’t overly sweet. With ground white chocolate and milk as the majority of the mix, we know our white chocolate lovers will be smitten over this product.  

We are so proud of our white hot chocolate, because unlike other white chocolates, ours actually HAS white chocolate (with cocoa butter) as a main ingredient.

 3 oz. Box

Enjoy by yourself or with someone else, as this size of packaging works for one serving of a 15-ounce indulgence in the richest cocoa. Dividing into two individual servings makes for a couple very tasty cups of hot chocolate as well.

8 oz. Box

This box comes 'family style' which means it's in one large bag and you spoon the amount of mix out that you need (like a cereal box).  Makes 4-6 servings..